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Nuclear Decommissioning cost increases -  Statement by Canada Minister of Natural Resources. Natural Resources Canada 19
March 2013

Point Lepreau refuelling problem could cost up to $600,000 daily: NB Power. Globe and Mail 19 March 2013. Problems arise less than 4 months after refurbishment.

Righting Past Wrongs: The Case for a Federal Role in Decommissioning and Reclaiming Abandoned Uranium Mines in Northern Saskatchewan - A
Saskatchewan government report - The federal government has abandoned its responsibility to fund decommissioning and reclaiming of these sites and wants instead the Government of Saskatchewan to assume this responsibility

Nuclear waste cleanup liability cost up by $2.4B, Ottawa told - The cost of cleaning up Canada’s nuclear program has risen dramatically in recent years...

Good News! Wisconsin's Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant to Shut Down - Will Not Affect Regional Electric Reliability
. Dominion Energy, 19 February 2013

Good News! Florida's Crystal River nuclear reactor is being decommissioned! -- containment, concrete problems. World Nuclear News  5 Feb 2013

Latest Updates - Bécancour - Trois-Rivières: Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) -

Gentilly-2 Decommissioning:
Presentation by Ramzi Jammal, Executive Vice-President and Chief Regulatory Operations Officer to the Quebec National Assembly Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries, Energy and Natural Resources (PDF)

UK Decommissioning: Who Will Clean Up After the    Nuclear Plants?
- Christian Science Monitor,   Feb 20, 2013

Decommissioning Funds to Shut Down
Shield Source Radioactive Tritium Light Plant - Peterborough, Ontario CHEX-TV

On the health implications of opening Nunavut to uranium mining: Letter from family doctors living in Ontario who are members of Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) and Physicians for Global Survival (PGS )

Disposable Laborers and Migrant Workers of the Nuclear Industry Military/Industrial Nexus
- A Public Education Resource Compiled with help from various members of

Maine Yankee Decommissioning Experience Report: Detailed Experiences 1997 - 2004

What is Nuclear Waste? WiseGeek

Taking Canada's Gentilly-1 to a "static state by Balarko Gupta

United Church of Canada: Comments on Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) & Nuclear Wastes. December 2004.

Seaborn Panel process: Conclusions (Federal Minister-sponsored panel review on nuclear industry in Canada)

Decommissioning Reactors:
A Growth Industry. Gordon Edwards, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility

“Dismantling Nuclear Structures Provides Jobs and Business Opportunities”: a memoir presented to The Minister of Energy and Resources, Madame Martine Ouellet and The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries, Energy and Natural Resources on Impacts Related to the Decommissioning of the Gentilly-2 Nuclear Generating Station
by Le Regroupement pour la surveillance du nucléaire (Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility) January 29, 2013