The Emblem of the Family flag

The Tree with its rediscovered roots and branches stretched out with its foliage is the rallying sign for all families.The Family flag represents the universal family, all the children that Mother Earth supports and nourishes from the unicellular, the plants, the insects, the fish, the birds, the mammals, to the humans. It symbolizes our interrelationship with creation.

The ROOTS symbolize the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. They are the guarantors of the transmission of traditions to the future generations.

The TRUNK is the marriage of the love of the mother and the father, an unalterable law that unites the opposites in their complementarities.

The BRANCHES represents our children, the next seven generations. If you cut the roots, the branches will dry up and die. They will bear no fruit. Each generation must maintain and protect its roots for the branches to finally blossom and bear fruits in abundance.

The FOLIAGE is the safe and healthy environment that protects and nourishes the family.

The WHITE surrounding the Tree represents the Peace necessary for its growth.

La Famille

Nous vivons tous sous un même toit, le ciel.

Nous dormons tous sur un même lit, la terre.

Nous nous chauffons tous au même foyer, le soleil.

Nous buvons tous un même breuvage, l’eau.

Nous mangeons tous du même jardin, la Mère Terre.

Nous héritons tous de nos grand-mères et de nos grand-pères, les racines.

Nous naissons tous de l’union dans l’amour de la mère et du père, le tronc.

Nous grandissons tous vers la lumière, tels d’éternels enfants, les branches.

Nous habitons tous un même environnement, qui nous protège et nous nourrit, le feuillage.

Nous vivons tous pour avoir la paix, le blanc.

Nous sommes la Famille.

 The Family

 We all live under one roof, the sky.

 We all sleep in one bed, the earth.

 All we really are in the same home, the sun.

 We all drink the same beverage, water.

 We all eat the same garden, the Mother  Earth.

 We all inherit our grandmothers and our  grandfathers, the roots.

 We are all born of the union of love of  mother and father, the trunk.

 We all grow towards the light, as eternal  children, branches.

 We all inhabit the same environment, which  protects us and nourishes us, the foliage.

 We all live for peace, white.

 We are the Family.